Codeigniter Lives


If you haven't heard the good news, the popular MVC framework Codeigniter is back from the dead.

After the announcement from Ellislabs that they would not be continuing with the support of Codeigniter MVC Framework most of us thought this was the end of an era.<!--more-->

However the good news is the the BCIT (British Columbia Institution of Technology) has taken over the reigns.

I am sure and very confident that Codeigniter will continue to grow as a very respectful MVC framework that does what it says on the tin.

I also notice that they are hard at work getting Codeigniter 3 out, which I am happy to report works well on a couple of dev sites that I'm testing on.

Remember that Codeigniter is a very loosely coupled framework that helps you develop php projects. It is not a one stop shop for everything.  As Rasmus Lerdorf (the Godfather of PHP) said "If I was forced to use a framework then it would be Codeigniter because it's not really a framework but a collection of very useful libraries."

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