Colorbox Error with IE8

I came across a small bug that really got to me today.
Using the colorbox module with colorbox node in Drupal 7, which I will say are just great modules I was getting one of those useless script error in IE7 and IE8

Drupal 7

Colorbox (latest dev)

Colorbox node



When clicking the close button on the pop up menu I was seeing this error (using firefox and firebug to find the errors)

TypeError: is not a function

This is located in the jquery.colorbox.min.js file that you download from colorbox and store in your libraries directory.

It's minified so you will need to do a search for

It only appears once - I've no idea what it does !!

...function cb(b,c){a.event.trigger(b),c&&}function db(){ ....

delete it

... function cb(b,c){a.event.trigger(b),c}function db(){...


And everything is sweet again.

I'll keep you updated if I get any problems or info on this !!

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