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The more I use codeigniter the better I like it - I've already changed some sites from Drupal to CI. Anyway a small problem, that I've mentioned in the forum Using Ion 2 Small problem, first the function $this->ion_auth->is_group($group) should be in_group(). I think I remember seeing this elsewhere. However a problem exists if you pass an array of groups.

Currently is_group returns in_array($check_group, $groups) which won’t work if check_group is an array. Solution: application/libraries/Icon_auth.php Add condition to check if $check_groups is an array and if it is then walk through the array checking for a match.

public function in_group($check_group) { 
$users_groups = $this->ci->ion_auth_model->get_users_groups();
$groups = array();

foreach ($users_groups as $group) { $groups[] = $group->name; }  
$permission = false;
if(is_array($check_group)) {
foreach($check_group $key => $value){
if(in_array($value, $groups)) {  
$permission = true;  
} elseif(in_array($check_group, $groups)) {
$permission = true;
return $permission;

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