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Just been messing around with PyroCMS (version 2), a cms built on codeigniter. I couldn't find a function/plugin within the core install that allows you to switch between classes for the purpose of setting up columns.

So I've thrown a quick one together. so create a plugin called switcher (You can call it anything you like) in site/addons/shared_addons/plugins/switcher.php

<?php defined('BASEPATH') OR exit('No direct script access allowed');
 * Switcher Plugin
 * usage {{ switcher:class_row }}
 * Note:
 * Each class is separated by the pipe key and no spaces.
 * No limit to the number of alternate classes.
 * @package        PyroCMS
 * @author        Kevin Phillips
 * @copyright    Copyright (c) Kevin Phillips
 * @link
 * @param string
 * @return string
class Plugin_Switcher extends Plugin {

    function class_row()
        $classes = $this->attribute('class');

        $values = explode('|', $classes);

        // Uses Codeigniter String Helper function alternator();
        if( ! function_exists('alternator'))
            $CI =& get_instance();
        return call_user_func_array('alternator', $values);

so to use this plugin just add the switcher to which ever element you want to add a ccs class to.

    {{ blog:posts limit=&quot;5&quot; order-by=&quot;title&quot;
order-dir=&quot;desc&quot; url=&quot;news&quot; }}

<divleft_col|center_col|right_col" }}">

<h2>     {{ title }}</h2>
<p>     {{ intro }} <a href="{{ url }}"
    title="Read more about: {{ title }}">Read more</a></p>
<p>Written by: <a href="/users/profile/{{ author_id }}">
  {{ author_name }}</a></p> <p>
{{ /blog:posts }}</p>

Now your div's will have the class attached to them as the blog loops. You can download the code from GitHub

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