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Just in case you had any thoughts about the professional standards of Drupal Acquia here is a spam email they sent to WordPress. A Sales Development Representative from Acquia, sent Matt Mullenweg, founding developer of WordPress, this email claiming to be Redhat of Drupal. You must read it and all the comments here

Hi Matt, I apologize for the cold email. I was researching Automattic, Inc. and wanted to ask you if there was any gaps/pains within your CMS and website. I work for the “Redhat of Drupal”, (Acquia) and we have seen an explosion of Drupal use in the Media, News, and Entertainment Industry. Some companies using Drupal/Acquia include Warner Music, Maxim, NBC Universal, and NPR. If you are evaluating your current system or are looking into new web projects, I would love to connect and discuss Drupal as an option. Would it make sense to connect on this? If there is someone better at Automattic , Inc. to speak with, perhaps you could point me in the right direction? Cheers, Dillon J.

What a 24 caret prize plonker!!

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